Snooker & pool table refurbishment
Moving a pool table is a tricky job – most of the items we transport are either big or fragile, rarely both. And a pool table is just that – both. Shipping a pool table can be done safely, but it requires certain precautions. Lectron Billiards can transport your snooker or pool table efficiently and ensure it won’t be damaged during shipment.
All areas in South Africa
With our team of professional table fitters, we can install, move or renovate your snooker table or pool table to the highest standards.We offer a wide range of renovation and inspection services to suit every pocket, for both homes and entertainment establishments.

Pool table recovery

Lectron Billiards recovering service involves the recovering of the slate bed and cushions of your pool table or snooker table. The table cloth comes in a wide range of colours, manufactured both locally and imported.
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Pool table Dismantling

Lectron Billiards dismantling service involves the complete breaking apart of your snooker or pool table, whilst maintaining its good condition. Thereafter it can either be stored, moved or reassembled.
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Pool table Levelling

An uneven pool table will make it impossible to make the perfect shot.Lectron Billiards table levelling service involves the levelling of the snooker or pool table slate bed to ensure a true, consistent and straight line of play.
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