Benches for Sale

Benches for sale at Lectron Billiards. 2 Seater and 3 seater benches available with your style and color. Also storage benches for accessories available.

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Benches for sale

In the modern era, benches have evolved to include a wide variety of materials, designs, and styles. From simple wooden benches to steel benches, there is a bench to suit every taste and setting. In addition to their practical uses, benches have also become a popular decorative element in dining spaces.

Customization is our specialty. All Lectron Billiards snooker and pool tables can be fully customized with your choice of lacquer, stain, veneer or laminate, as well as cloth, to create your dream piece. The basic colours for our standard cloth is for instance black, blue, green, grey, red and yellow. Our team is on standby to answer questions that you might have and assist with prices. If you are looking for products to enhance your entertainment area or furnish your home, we have what you are looking for!

Lectron Billiards specializes in custom designed products to suit your unique home requirements. We cater from entry level to the highest standard of products with exquisite design and quality. For more information and designs browse our website and drop us an email alternatively email your design and we will respond with our quotation within 48 hours.

Shop Online. You can now buy almost all of our snooker and pool accessories online. Pool table cues, balls, chalk, triangles, tips and rules to name a few. Call us now for more details on these options.