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These terms and conditions (‘T&C’) apply between the customer (‘you’), and Lectron Billiards (‘we\us’). Please keep the original copy of the invoice (‘the invoice’) if you want to rely on any of the rights in terms of these T&C. We cannot assist you if you do not have the invoice.



1.     GENERAL
1.1.     This document is the entire T&C. No other provision may be included, or read in.
1.2.     Failure by us to strictly enforce a provision or the periodic relaxation of a
           provision in this document does not amount to an implied waiver of any
           provision or of any rights associated to the provision.
These T&C may not be waived, amended, suspended, ceded or transferred
unless authorised in writing by head office.
1.4.     These provisions may not be enforceable where unforeseeable or
           uncontrollable circumstances exist making it not reasonably possible to perform
           in terms of this T&C (force majeure).

2.     PAYMENT
2.1.     Quoted prices are valid for 7 days.
2.2.     You must pay a 50% deposit of the purchased price into our account, we will
           start with production as soon as your payment reflects on our Bank Statements.
           (usually within 24 – 48 hours).
2.3.     The balance payments must be paid prior to delivery; we will notify you of the
           estimated delivery date after your balance payment reflects on our Bank
           Statements. (usually within 72hours).
2.4.     If you cancel your order within 7 days after your deposit has been paid you will
           forfeit 10% of your deposit.
2.5.     If you cancel your order after the 7-day period, you will forfeit your entire
           deposit and be liable for the balance.
2.6.     We accept all forms of payment except Cheques, American Express or Diners

3.1.     Delivery will take place once we receive the full amount (see 2.3 above). A
           delivery fee is automatically added to the invoice.
3.2.     All delivery times are an approximation. Although we try to give the most
           accurate dates of delivery, we cannot be held liable for any delays that may
           occur. We will contact you to make arrangements for the delivery. All deliveries
           will take place on a week day between 09h00 and 16h00, excluding public
3.3.     Once delivered, you must inspect the product for any defects whilst our delivery
           staff are present, and sign a document verifying you received the product and
           that it is in good condition.  We may rely on this document as proof that the
           product was in good condition when delivered, and that it met your
           specifications. If the product is not in a good condition, or doesn’t meet your
           specifications, then the product must be returned on the same transport vehicle
           that delivered the product, otherwise you are responsible for any costs in
           transporting the product back to Head Office.
3.4.     On the day of delivery, the area where the product will be placed must be clearly
           marked and cleared of any furniture, breakable items and pets. Our staff are not
           permitted to move or rearrange your furniture. We will not be liable for
           any damages or costs due to your failure to clear the area.
3.5.     Our products are usually large, therefore it is your responsibility to find out
           product dimensions and whether the product can fit through any door, stairwell
           or passage way. We will not hoist the product over any balconies, walls or
           through windows. If there is no other option but to hoist the product or to
           implement any other non-standard method to get the product in the desired
           location, then you must arrange this at your own cost and risk. We do not install
           or mount the products once delivered. You may be liable to pay any additional
           delivery costs where you send the product back or where you failed to be at the
           premises on the date of delivery.
3.6.     For an upfront fee, we can relocate (transport) your product elsewhere.

4.1.     If you prefer to collect the product at your own expense, then you must
           transport the product using a suitable vehicle and store the product in the
           correct manner, as instructed by us. You must supply your own transport
           equipment (ropes, blankets etc). You must arrange a time and date with
           Warehouse Manager for collection of products, allow 24 hours for preparation.
           No collections over weekends or public holidays.
4.2.     We will not be liable for any damage caused to the product if it is transported
           by you. The invoice must be presented by you, or any person collecting on
           your behalf before we release the product.





5.     STORAGE
5.1.     We will charge Warehouse floor space for completed products not being
           collected or in the case where deliveries are being delayed for whatever reason.
           Floor space cost will be calculated at R100 per day per product after the initial
           14-day grace period. Warranty will be forfeited failing to collect or accept
           delivery of goods as per T&C agreement. The product will be stored at our facility
           for a total of 3 months. If you fail to pay the balance (including storage costs)
           during that time, then we retain ownership of the property.

6.1.     We offer a 1 year warranty on all our products with the exception of Coin
           operated products that is rented out to third parties, and a 6-month warranty
           on imported products. If the product is defective, becomes defective or is no
           longer usable for its intended purpose before the warranty has lapsed, then
           we will repair the product or replace it if it cannot be adequately repaired (not
           including repair or replacement of pockets, cloth or slate). This warranty will
           not apply if the defect is due to your negligence, or due to normal wear and
6.2.     You must take proper care of the product, as instructed in our care documents
           which can be found at
www.lectron.co.za - The warranty is void on any products
           which were not used or maintained in a reasonable manner, as indicated in
           our care documents or if any repairs or alterations are done to the product by
           anyone other than us. Our products are not intended for outdoor use.
6.3.     Our products use natural materials and we cannot guarantee that repaired,
           replaced or newly manufactured products will look the same as the original or
           demo products.
6.4.     We provide materials from other suppliers. The T&C of our suppliers must also
           be considered when claiming a right in terms of this T&C.
6.5.     You may only return a product and claim the refund after delivery, if it is in the
           same condition when delivered and (a) you notify us of the cancellation within
           1 week after delivery and return it, at your own expense, within 2 weeks after
           delivery or (b) it is not useable for your intended purpose, as communicated
           to us before manufacturing. Refunds in general may only be given as an option
           of last resort, and only if repairing and replacing the product is no longer
6.6.     For an upfront fee, we can recover (re-felt) your product.
           The following warranty exceptions apply in respect of:
           This is a product from our standard range manufactured to our specifications.
           You can request that we change material finishes according to your
requirements, however selling prices indicates standard entry materials and
may be adjusted according to the selections that you request.
           This is a bespoke product which does not feature in our standard catalogue.
           You are responsible for ensuring and verifying the product meets your desired
           specifications. If you want fabric which we do not ordinarily stock or supply, then
           you must acquire and deliver the fabric to us at your own cost. We will not refund
           you for custom products or products that are branded with a bespoke design. A
           service fee will be charged if we supply or make adjustments to a branded design.
           If the product needs to be replaced, we agree to replace it with a similar product
           of equivalent value. Fabric with pattern matching must have clear instructions of
           the required pattern direction.  Timber may vary in grain and perfect matching of
           colour cannot be guaranteed.
           If you purchase any product in store (demo product), then you agree to buy

           the product as is (voetstoots). There are no warranties for any products
           purchased in store unless the product has a defect which cannot be
           reasonably identified in store (‘latent defect’). We will repair or replace a
               product with a latent defect, only if you notify us of the defect within 1 week
               after purchase. We will use our discretion in deciding if the defect is latent or not

          The South African courts have jurisdiction over any disputes relating to these T&C.
          If any dispute arises, the matter must first be heard internally by our complaint
          department, and if that fails, by the appropriate consumer dispute resolution
          institution. You agree to use the most cost effective judicial institution should the
          above two processes fail.


       (YOUR SIGNATURE) ________________________________________
I have read, understand and agree to the T&C applicable to this transaction. I
am aware that if I have any questions concerning the T&C, then I can ask a
Lectron Billiards representative to explain it to me.